Yorkshire Hands on Massage


I'm Chris Wray, owner of Yorkshire Hands on Massage and I'm passionate about Sports Therapy. My interest was sparked when I competed at Thai boxing. I found I could do my twice a day, 6 day a week workouts and not get slowed down by niggles or injuries- it really gave me the edge over my opponents. I now do a range of sports, trying to be fit for whatever challenge I come across next!

I treat a wide range of pains from head aches, joint pain, injuries and repetitive strains. My main client is an everyday person, 9 to 5 worker who is struggling to do daily tasks because of pain. I have done treatments for  many sports people as well who are either just exercising for fun or who are competing for major goals. I have also been involved in club tournaments like the Bingham rugby union world cup, where I do injury treatments and sport massages.

Every day i have people of all ages come up to me saying my shoulder hurts, my back aches, i get a lot of head aches etc etc. In fact I find that normal living causes as many, if not more injuries than doing a sport! I personally find getting regular massages helps to keep my muscles in peak condition whether it be for exercising or just day to day life. 

It doesn't matter how old you are, or how obscure you think your problem is, massage can really help de stress and get rid of persistent aches and pains caused by over worked muscles. Even long term injuries can be helped. Why live in pain if this can help get your life back on track??

I look forward to seeing you!

Injury treatments at Rugby cup

Winning British Heavy Weight Title