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I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for their feedback!! 

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Zoe Ellis, Cabin Crew, Virgin Atlantic Airways. Following a back injury, I have being under Chris' care to repair torn and swollen muscles in my upper back. He has been brilliant at targeting specific areas and easing tension. Chris recommends exercises that I can use at home/gym and uses various techniques such as triger point and deep tissue to target the problematic areas. Due to the nature of my job, the muscles in my back often become fatigued and ache quite a lot but with Chris I have seen a real improvement. He's very knowledgeable, great at his job and above all, will lead you back onto the road to recovery. I am planning on keeping up with 'maintenance' massages to keep my back in good health. Thanks Chris

Kes Loy and I'm a TV and film music composer from Bradford. I injured my back doing squats in the gym and spent over 10 months in severe pain before meeting Chris. During this time I had spent hundreds of pounds on various physios, massage therapists and a chiropractor all with no success. After 4 sessions with Chris I was completely pain free! I'd advise anyone with back pain to stop wasting time and money and get it sorted with Yorkshire Hands On Massage. There's great exercise tips too! Cheers for all you help Chris!

Michelle.After falling down some stairs I developed back and sciatic pain down my left side. Initially all I was offered were pain killers and a sick note (which I refused) and told it was due to a back injury.. I have spent the last 5 months seeing Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, acupuncture clinics and physios which all gave me slight relief but, it never lasted past a week! The pain started to increase so I decided to do some research for myself online and came across a book about muscle imbalance, It involved taking photos of my back (with some help) from 4 angles and doing some basic movements to identify the issue ( I am no expert but I could see that my left hip didn’t quite look right). So I continued to read blogs and forums on this, reading horror stories of people who had issues for 8 or more years (and slightly scared myself) before finding Chris’s site. I booked the appointment but didn’t mention what I thought the issue was (after all I am not a specialist). Chris immediately identified that my left hip was higher than my right and from the first session I began to see results. I am 3 sessions in now and am hoping to be running again soon. My advise, don’t waste your money Chris’ service is knowledgeable, professional and he provides great advise and follow up care. Thank you!

Garry.In 2007 I was involved in a car accident due to a careless driver. This resulted in whiplash, which after numerous physiotherapy sessions left me with residual problems to my upper back neck area. I contacted Chris (Yorkshire hands on Massage) who arrange visit my home and assess and treat me. Chris clearly and simply explained what he found and his course of treatment. After 3 sessions of what I call 'punishment' my neck and back problems have been relieved and I can happily recommend Chris to my friends and Family. Being an active outdoor activities (climbing, walking and many more) person, if ever i get issues I'll call Chris to sort them

Jack Lee.After months of trekking in South America my legs were in a bad way. Being flat footed, I was putting pressure on muscles all over my legs, which gave me shin split symptoms and had become a constant source of pain. I decided to go and see Chris at YHOM. After my first treatment I saw an improvement, which allowed me to start training again. Now, two months after my return, I am back competing in events, conducting personal training sessions and training at will! I can't thank Chris enough.  

Barry Simpson. I suffer with carpal tunnel syndrome so working or training using my hands is very painful. I met Chris through Thai Boxing and the work he did on my forearms has made it possible for me to train and work without without pain. It has also made my grip stronger!During training i injured my shoulder. I have seen physios and a specialist and had surgery, but i was still having pain from it. I physically couldn't lift my arm up sideways higher than my shoulder without pain but after sessions with Chris i have full range of movement back and now i'm working on strengthening muscles to support my shoulder with Chris' rehab exercises. Cheers mate!

Andrew Lawson.As a Building Surveyor studying evenings and weekends for an MSc and Chartership I spend a large proportion of time at a desk or driving.  Over 2 years ago I started having pain and stiffness in my upper back which spread to my neck and right shoulder.  After 12 months of physiotherapy, consultations with a Neuromuscular Doctor and even an MRI scan I was advised I was suffering from a Repetitive Strain Injury.  The specialist Doctor prescribed various ‘solutions’ including Corticosteroid injections into the shoulder joint and continuing Physiotherapy.  Progress was made during this period, I never felt 100% and was led to believe the only way to resolve the injury was to stop the cause i.e. working and driving! When Chris was recommended to me I was pleased with his enthusiasm.  I noticed improvements after each session and this combined with Chris’s posture advice allowed me to return to a pain free life with improved mobility of my neck and shoulder.  Obviously I am very glad I decided to try Sports therapy and if I have any further problems I would not hesitate to book in for some more sessions with Chris. Thanks for your help.  

My name is Jamie and I'm a currently a police officer and have served with the Army and played many different team and outdoor sports. Therefore my body over the years has taken a bit of a battering from many different angles. Over the years I injured my shoulder and my back but not recovering fully and cracking on caused the problems to move into my neck and opposite shoulder until one day my neck back and shoulder locked up. I spent over a year in constant pain and discomfort trying to figure out what was going on. I saw a number of physios, chiropractors, masseurs and even had a total of 8 steroid injections into my neck and back but with very little effect. All treatments and rehab plans just gave me temporary relieve and after some things felt worse.I gave up on the so called experts and began to try sort myself out I began to research myself and what i began to become aware of was 'muscle imbalances and trigger points'. No one had ever mentioned this never mind explain to me how your body works as whole unit and how a weak or even a strong muscle in one part of the body has a direct positive or negative on another.  But this is where Chris differs. After my research I knew massage was needed for me to fully sort myself out so I gave Chris a shot without mentioning anything about what I thought was going on or the little I had learnt about muscle imbalances etc. I wanted to see if he was just gonna be like the rest... And he isnt!!He has a great knowledge and understanding how the body works as a whole and treats it in this manner using different techniques very effectively. Although he has obviously been taught very well he seems to have a natural gift and passion for what he does and in 'common man' terms helps you understand what is going on with your body. I can honestly say he did not only give me relief after the first session and help me understand what exactly was going on, but he made clear what needed to be done to resolve it and re- balance my body. I can say that this is working and fast!And to top it all off he is a down to earth good bloke and even comes to your own house with a table. Cheers Chris

Ed Melbourne - I’d had sports massages before but nothing like this! Chris’s ability to tune in to what’s going wrong with the body is first class. The warning signs had been there for me for a while – it’s just a bad week I thought, its not new pain so I’ll run through it, but not this time. I’d already run 2 road marathons and 4 ultra races last year as I upped the training again hoping to post a pb in the new york marathon last November. I limped home after a run one night in absolute agony, dejected thinking that was it for a long time. Even after 1 session with chris I felt a huge improvement. I’d naively though that I had only one problem but was soon enlightened to hear and be shown what really goes on with the muscles and joints. After a few sessions of treatment my legs had life again and away I went. I wish I had gained advice and had known about these techniques sooner. Ignoring problems and just getting by isn’t the way to do it. Thanks to Chris’s help I posted a sub 3 hour marathon time this year and feel in good shape to smash a 100mile race I’m hoping to run in 1 day in the coming weeks.